About Me

Welcome to Davo-rama Music where I share my thoughts on music!

 Since I first became aware of music, probably first hearing the Beatles "Michelle" float out of the dusty speakers in the back of my Dad's station wagon, I have always loved music. It is very much an integral part of my life. Songs are my constant companions and recordings are like friends to me.

Music is one of the oldest forms of social media that there is - people have a message in what they say in songs. Some songs have good lyrics others, good music, but the best have both.  The one thing that is clear - everybody has their own unique preferences when it comes to music! These preferences are as unique and fluid as people are. All music has something in common - someone is expressing something meaningful to them and they are trying to get others to connect to that thought, and more importantly, feeling.

In my blog I will explore music that is from my experience. My interests are on-going but my knowledge is concentrated in the 1960/70/80 period. If you don't know much about music I can hopefully expand your horizons, if you have an open mind. If you do know a lot about music hopefully you find something that we share in common, or maybe a new gem that you had not heard before or that reignites your interest in that artist.

I have a vast knowledge of music from the right source - actually listening to it! The more you listen to music, the more you like it. I love a great variety of music and this can vary depending upon my mood. It is a very emotional connection we all have with music after all.

In my blog I intent to provide a weekly update with several categories. I will try to provide a bit of background to give context or meaning to why I chose the song as well. Every album I post and every song I showcase is in my personal collection either in the form of vinyl (my favorite format), or digitally.

If you like my blog please let your friends know. If you have any comments or suggestions I am very happy to hear them. Thanks for spending the time to look at my blog. Hopefully I can make it worth your while..

Happy listening,


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