Sunday, 27 February 2011

Welcome to Davo-rama Music where I share my thoughts on music!

Since I first heard the Beatles "Michelle" play in the back of my Dad's station wagon until now, I have always loved music. It is very much an integral part of my life. O.K. ya so I kind of gave you an idea of how old I am. The upside is I know a lot of music, the downside is, the older you get the less you seem to connect to new music. Now this may not be true for some people and if that is true for you, excellent you have a gift, so enjoy it!

Music is one of the oldest forms of social media that there is - people have a message in what they say in songs. Some of these songs have good lyrics and some have good music. Some don't. The one thing that is clear - everybody has their own unique preferences when it comes to music!People's preferences are as unique as people are. Cool, now that we get that let's move on........

In my blog I will explore music that is from my experience - that means it is mostly the 70;s with some '50s, 60's, 80's. 90's. and the other odd song thrown in here and there for good measure. If you don't know much about music I can hopefully expand your horizons if you have an open mind. If you do know a lot about music hopefully you find something that we share in common, or maybe a new gem that you had not heard before or that reignites your interest in that artist.

I have a vast knowledge of music from the right source - actually listening to it! The more you listen to music the more you like it. I love a great variety of music and this can vary depending upon my mood. It is a very emotional connection we all have with music after all.

Of course I have my preferences that form the base of my enjoyment of music (which does actually slowly shift over time believe it or not). Again, all music has something in common - someone is expressing something meaningful to them and they are trying to get others to connect to that thought, and more importantly, feeling.

In my blog I intent to provide a weekly update with several categories. I will try to provide a bit of background to give context or meaning to why I chose the song as well (time permitting).

Pick of the Week

This is my selection of a song that I think is interesting or unique is some way. It may not be mainstream, but it is interesting in how it sounds, what it says, who did it or what connection it has to others.

Songs Everyone Should Know

My selection here will be mainstream songs for beginners or younger people to hear songs that are classics that in my opinion are staples of a strong musical knowledge.

70's Pick of the Week

This will be one of my favorite'70s songs.

Fun Fact of the Week

The artist of a song has a personal story and life. Here I intend to share a fun tidbit about someone. This could also relate to the songs I pick that week.

Have fun listening,

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