Friday, 7 October 2011

John Mellencamp - Paper In Fire

Who's to say the way a man should spend his days. Do you let them smolder like paper in fire?

Quick Hit

“Paper In Fire” by John Cougar Mellencamp (1987)

I remember the first time I saw the “American Fool” album. It was in the form of an ‘8-track’ tape kicking around on the floor of this guy’s truck who was giving me a ride. He was a self professed country music nut so I was curious why he had John Cougar. I asked him and he said “Because it is country music”. I thought “ Huh, I didn’t really think so....well, wait a minute, definitely influenced.”

John Mellencamp a.k.a. John Cougar Mellencamp a.k.a. John Cougar came straight out of the heartland of America with a dream and an attitude – sort of a rebel, ...I guess.