Saturday, 24 September 2011

Headpins - Don't It Make You Feel

Toronto: Your Daddy Don't Know

Making your move you come down as fast as lightnin' Crossing the stage and now you can feel the excitement

Double Hit – Canadian Rock

“Your Daddy Don’t Know” by Toronto (1982)
“Don’t it Make You Feel” by the Headpins (1982)

I saw Holly Woods, former leader singer of the Canadian Band ‘Toronto’ perform in this rural bar a few years ago. It is sometimes sad to see an act once they are past their prime. Although Holly was pretty good still and had most of the range of her voice, she expressed bitterness that Ann Wilson of Heart recorded “What About Love”, saying it was her song. I looked into this and the song was actually dropped from ‘Toronto’s third album “Get it on Credit” when it came out in the fall of ’82. Too bad Holly. Who knew Ann would make it a hit.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Colin James-National Steel

Watch your step as you make your way from the church into this world of sin. Picture an angel with a cigarette burnin’, with a long slow drag as she welcomes you in...

Music: What is it really? More importantly: What is it to you?

“National Steel” by Colin James (1997)

I think it is very difficult to define what music is. I am going to get a bit heavy in this blog but bear with me as I give you some thoughts and ideas so you can frame your own ideas – or conversely tell me I am full of crap. I was at this multimedia presentation the other day and the question was asked: What is music? (Thanks James!)

It seems pretty self-explanatory on the surface but the more I thought about it the deeper it got...

It is not a universal word to all cultures so let’s just stick with the English word for the time being.  Let’s also make the assumption that music is unique to humans and like a tree in the forest to exist it has to be played out loud.