These are the themes I will generally be posting on each week:

Pick of the Week
This is my selection of a song that I think is interesting or unique in some way. It may not be mainstream, but it is interesting in how it sounds, what it says, who did it or what connection it has to others.
Songs Everyone Should Know

My selection here will be mainstream songs for beginners or younger people to hear songs that are classics that in my opinion are staples of a strong musical knowledge.

70's Pick of the Week

This will be one of my favorite'70s songs.

Hip to Be Square

This is a review of all those songs we love but do not like to let on that we do. Usually mellow, these are songs we seldom talked about. Let's get them out of the closet!

Fun Fact of the Week

The artist of a song has a personal story and life. Here I intend to share a fun tidbit about someone. This could also relate to the songs I pick that week.

The Sappy Song Department
From time to time I will post a song that is a ballad or love song that was popular and well known.

If you have any suggestions for categories, let me know!
Thanks for reading my blog!