Monday, 11 April 2011

And Now Presenting: The Amazing Finn Brothers!

Pick of the Week

“I Got You”, Split Enz (1980)
“Don’t Dream It’s Over”, Crowded House (1986)

Neil and Tim Finn were New Zealanders that later had to go to the big island next to them (otherwise known as Australia) to hit the big time. They formed in 1971 and called themselves ‘Split Ends’ until they went to Australia, and to signify their NZ roots changed it to ‘Split Enz’. Starting off with more of a progressive rock sound, when Neil Finn joined, this quickly became more of a ‘new wave’ sound in the late 70’s  - set off with the help of Tim’s “Mellotron” keyboard. Their brilliant live act, gained them overseas tours opening for bands like Roxy Music, Lou Reed and Leo Sayer.

My favourite Split Enz song to this day is “Poor Boy” off the ‘Colours’ album. Awesome recording!

After many tough years but with a manic-like cult following in New Zealand and Australia, the Enz finally hit pay dirt with “True Colors” released in 1980. The album itself released by A&M has multicoloured shapes cut into the vinyl with a laser – a true collector’s item now1. “I Got You” went to the top of the charts in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Number 12 in the U.K.  The song only reached number 53 in the U.S for some reason but the album, went to the top 40.
With stalled American success, the band eventually broke up in 1984. Sort of...

Having not even concluded their farewell tour “Enz with a Bang” some of the members were already talking about their next band.  Originally Neil Finn, Paul Hester (former Enz) and Nick Seymour formed Crowded House in 1984 and moved to Los Angeles. They released their debut album in 1986

“Don’t Dream It’s Over” finally hit the #2 in the U.S and #1 in Canada. International success was finally theirs in December of 1986.

By the third Crowded House album, Tim Finn again joined brother Neil to record ‘Woodface’, which had sweet song “Chocolate Cake (a shot at American excess) and the beautiful “Fall at Your Feet”.

Crowded House broke up in 1996 but various solo projects and reunions have happened over the years.

Songs I also like by Crowed House include: “Something So Strong” and “Weather With You”.

1.  The only other albums this was ever used on was ‘Paradise Theatre “ by Styx and the Superman soundtrack

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