Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Quick Hit for Hump Day

"When you hit rock bottom and you're there to stay......."
Mike this one’s for you............

In the seventies when things were starting to get a bit stale, a funky little group out of Detroit changed all of that. The original line up Starchild (Stanley), The Demon (Simmons), Spaceman or Space Ace (Frehley), and Catman (Criss) were about the stage show. 

Kiss first performed in 1973 and rose to prominence in the years 1975-78 when they were at their height. Resurgence in interest in the 1990’s once again had the Kiss Army getting the boots and spikes out of the closet.

The debut album “Kiss”, than “Hotter than Hell” and then “Dressed to Kill” were released as a 3 record set called “The Originals” that arguably saved Casablanca records from falling off the map. This is now a valuable collector’s item and included all 3 albums, stickers, and the coveted kiss army patch. 

Being all about theatrics and the stage show, the first three albums would not go down in history as the greatest songs of all time – but there are some classics now. 

One of the songs that showcase the growing talent in Kiss was “Rock Bottom:” When the craze was on for acoustic acts in the 1990’s there was a lot of 'unplugged’ albums made live. Kiss was ‘unmasked and seated’ for this one. 

Commercial success improved for Kiss after The Originals in the form of producer Bob Ezrin (long time Alice Cooper producer) who helped them to great success with my favourite Kiss album ‘Destroyer” in 1976. 


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