Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Stages of a Music Listener: Where are you at?

Not listening to music 
You are dead

You are stone deaf

You are hearing impaired but still hear a bit

You never pay attention whether music is playing or not

You may observe that music is playing somewhere

Never turn music on 

Passive Listening

Doing something else that consumes your attention while music is playing

Hearing music but not really hearing what or who it is 

Sometimes paying attention to songs you hear

Hearing songs and deciding if you like them

Turning on your radio or going on the Internet to hear streaming music

Observing that you have heard a song before

Active Listening

Listening for who did a song on the radio

You start to like a certain radio station

Recognizing some songs

Recognize the various instruments playing in a song

Deciding that you like a particular artist

Can sign along to a song - know the lyrics

Discovering that you dislike an artist

Listening for understanding
You buy a portable music device

See the beauty in an artists lyrics

Frequent stores or websites that specially sell music

Dissatisfied with a song you constantly change stations

Attend a concert or performance by an artist

Downloading a song

You recognize a 'muzak' song in an elevator or shopping mall

Buy a portable devise to listen to music, and actually load it, and use it.
Seeking Out

Start to collect music 

Recognizing an artist's work

Listening to the lyrics at face value

You listen to music in your car: many ways radio, satellite, mobile device

Determine that you like a certain type or style of music

Recognizing a song by an artist you like

Buying a set of recordings - an anthology or multi-disc set

Talk to others about music

Recognition and deeper 
Read the 'liner notes' on a CD or recording


Look for information on the artist 

Asking others if they like certain artists

You look at flyers for deals on music or technology

People start to give you music as a gift

You hear remakes or covers of songs and know the original artist

You buy a car ensuring that the music system meets your needs

Dispose of or delete a song from you music library

Your ears get sore from your ear buds or headphones
Conversant on Music
Your enthusiasm for an artist is contagious

Read an article or review of an artist

You play music for others to hear

Seeking out an artists work - all of it.

Categorize and devise storage systems for your music

Argue/debate  with someone about a song or artist

You start to give people music as a gift

Understanding the style or category of music an artist is performing
Active expansion of 
Knowing they type of music an artist is known for

understanding & appreciation Subscribe to a periodical or sign up to follow a blog

Actively look for concerts in your area, and go to them

You really have developed a music 'library'

Talk to others about the meaning of a song 

Know where the best music stores are in town

Putting on a recording you are in the mood to hear

Deciding what styles or types of music you like

Have a favourite song, or at least an infatuation with a song

You read and comment on blogs

Listening to the lyrics for true understanding

You seek out hard to get music via Internet of travel

Able to determining artists that have similar sounds or styles

Read a book about a particular artist or music era or style
Understand artists and styles
Pay extra money to get great seats at a concert

Recommend or share a song or artist with someone else

People ask you to bring music to things

Love a particular artist and seek out their music 

Start to understand the technical aspects of music

Understand the instruments common in certain styles of music

Acquire most or all of the artists material

Seeking to fully understand the lyrics and the meaning

Label, classify, photograph and/or otherwise catalog your music

Others seek you out for musical advise

Listening to the lyrics for meaning

Music researcher

Knowing some of the music an artist has done

Attend a concert and purchase a shirt or CD of the artists

Others comment that you seem to know an artist 

People ask if you can DJ for them

Know music related to an artist, or another band they were in. 

You search for music  when you travel

You disagree with someones understanding of the meaning of a song

You read everything you see about music if you have time

Hearing a song, you know the artist, title and year

Discuss music with experts

Listen to music as an interest or hobby

Becoming expert

Start running out of space for music storage

Fly or drive long distances to see live performance of artists you like

You decorate your home of office with music as art

You fit concerts into your travel plans

Research music styles or types 

People expect you to know everything about music

Seek out the historical development of music styles

Share your research on music and accept feedback

Listen to music 24/7

Become a maniacal musical recluse that only comes out for concerts

You write a music blog

You write a serious book about music

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